Unique Features

Butler® Scrubolt™

Since Butler’s® structurals are pre-punched, we use the Butler®Scrubolt™ fastener for clip and panel attachment. These high-strength, substantial Scrubolt fasteners have twice the pullout strength of industry-standard self-drillers.

Galvanized Finish on Purlins

The galvanized purlin finish provides for a brighter interior finish than red oxide primer which can show rust. It is also superior to primer finishes that require painting.

Pre-Punched Structurals

Butler provides precision engineered factory punched primary and secondary structural components that ensures timely, economical and problem free on-site assembly.

MR-24® Roof System Ridge

The MR-24® roof system ridge moves to accomidate expansion and contraction. The ridge design “caps off” the MR-24 roof.

Butler-Cote™ System

The standard exterior paint for all Butler panels and trim is the Butler-Cote system, consisting of a Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 finish. The Butler-Cote system resists the chalking and fading that often leaves a building looking drab and dated. Butler’s 25-year warranty guarantees that, on roof and wall panel standard colors, chalking will not exceed a rating of #8 and fading will not exceed 5DE color difference units. This 25-year warranty also protects against blistering, peeling, cracks, or chipping of the paint finish.

While many manufacturers’ warranties are prorated after a certain period of time, Butler offers Butler-Cote roof and wall panel warranty for a full 25 years—with no prorating. It’s a testament to Butler’s high performance standards. 

Green Initiatives

Butler building systems are inherently green, made with substantial percentages of recycled and recyclable steel. When you add Butler’s green technologies and practices, you have a sustainable building solution that offers a surprising level of affordability. Building with Butler can also earn credits toward LEED certification and Butler has LEED-accredited professionals on staff to guide and direct the commitment to building green.

Higher Ridges

The depth of a roof panel’s corrugation is a critical factor in the roof’s strength, durability and ability to perform over the long term. The Butlerib® II panels offer the deepest and widest corrugations in the industry to provide strength and durability for both wind uplift and roof traffic. Butler uses as much as 8% more steel to manufacture a roof panel than the industry standard profiles.

Sealant Groove

To provide long-term weathertightness, roof sealant must be made of quality materials and correctly installed. To ensure proper sealant placement, all Butlerib II panels are engineered and produced with a sealant groove, assuring accurate and precise placement of sealant material Other systems leave sealant placement to the judgement of the installation crew or leave it out completely Butler uses only top-quality butyl sealant to keep the roof system weathertight for years.