MR-24® Roof

The Butler MR-24® standing seem roof system is specifically designed for consistent weathertight performance under demanding conditions and to accommodate roof movement.  Butler’s exclusive Pittsburgh double-lock standing seam assures consistent weathertight performance-virtually eliminating leaks!

The roof is designed as “green” as a material efficient, recyclable, low maintenance roof solution with recorded life cycles of over 40 years. MR-24 (circle R) may earn credits for LEED (circle R) certification.

The MR-24® roof system is attached to the building’s structure with a special clip-and-tab assembly formed into the double-lock seam. Because the tab can move within the clip, the entire roof can expand and contract freely without compromising structural integrity.

Independent surveys show that the MR-24® roof system is the most specified standing-seam roof on the market, with more than 2 billion square feet installed since its introduction in 1969.